Monday, September 12, 2011

More Quilting

What I did with my weekend... I worked a little on a quilt:


Kate was very very busy running around playing space wars with her little brother, but she did consent to show off the dress I'd sewn her. She allowed that this was a nice pattern and I could make another one for her. ;)

Kate in the Pears dress

And I missed my friend. I took this picture in 1998 with a twin lens roloflex medium format camera - if you were my friend in college, you had to sit for frequent portrait sessions for my photography assignments and art shows. This is my friend Esther, putting up with me needing another portrait again.


I didn't post this weekend about why the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is so incredibly painful to me. A few days after it happened, my dearest friend Esther was killed in a car accident. We met in college in 1995, and when I was living in Seattle in the summers working at internships, and she was living with her grandma in Portland, we drove up and down the coast to see each other. We lived in the same dorms in college. We took computer science classes together, hung out in the photography studio together, and most of all we baked and cooked dinner together as much as we could. We cooked so many Thanksgiving dinners together in those years, always with lots of college friends around. We had grand plans to grow old together.

The weekend before 9/11, she stopped by my apartment in Seattle with her dad. We sat around on my sofa and chatted about nothing in particular. I think I'd just made a blueberry coffeecake and we were eating it and talking about the recipe. I never saw her again - a few days later her father called me to tell me that she had been hit by a car and died. She was 25 and I was 24. So there you go - I really flinch every year when 9/11 rolls around, because it means in a few days it be the anniversary of losing her. She loved quilts and sewing. She would have gotten SUCH a huge kick out of the sword arch surprise that my sailor pulled off at the wedding. Brian and I were talking that day about how much she loved boats and would have loved the waterfront wedding we had. I miss her to pieces.


BetsyV said...

That's a beautiful portrait. Who's to say Esther didn't get a kick out of the surprise arch and enjoy your wedding? Just 'cause you didn't see her that day doesn't mean she wasn't there.

Lindsay T said...

Wendy, this is such a nice tribute to your friend. How hard to lose a friend like that at a young age.

Forgive the segue, but I noticed your blog now reads in a mobile environment. How did you make that happen? I've read the meager material Blogger provides but it's confusing. Would you mind shooting me an email at lindsaytdesigns at gmail when you can? Hoping it's a simple thing to do...

gMarie said...

Wendy - that is a beautiful photo of your friend Esther. What fabulous photography skill and a georgeous model. I'm very sorry for your loss. g

Lisette M said...

That is a beautiful photograph of your friend. I'm so sorry for your loss.