Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sewing recuperation

I still haven't sewn ANYTHING since finishing the blue satin evening coat for the wedding! I think my dress + the coat + my sister's dress + 2 flower girl dresses just did me in. ;) So instead I'll distract you with lots of pictures of random things.

Last night we had some fantastic seats for the fireworks as my sailor's ship turned their July 4 mission into a dependents cruise as well.


Up on the roof of the ship waiting for the sun to set


Watching the small boats enforce the perimeter around the fireworks barges


Finally, the big show!

And my niece Kate turned eight years old - wow!


We went to Babycakes in NYC for some gluten free cupcakes. She was so excited to be at a bakery where she could pick out whatever she wants - celiac is hard on kids, she understands she can't eat a lot of things, but that's tough to deal with as a small child. Babycakes is almost entirely gluten free (they do a few things with spelt flour), so she quite enjoyed being able to get a bakery red velvet cupcake.

And finally, we got a few pictures back from our wedding photographer!

by Stephen DeVries

by Stephen DeVries


Lisette M said...

Wonderful pictures and yes you do deserve a break.

gMarie said...

Your look absolutely radiant in the photos. Hope you had a wonderful vacation and the fireworks looked fabulous. g

Daughter Fish said...

Your wedding looks like it was absolutely amazing. And your wedding dress is a dream. I wanted to make my wedding dress, but didn't have the courage. Great job. I love your blog:)

meredithp said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting!