Saturday, June 11, 2011

t-1 days

Busy day today! We picked my best friend and his wife up at Newark airport late last night night, so this morning we decided to go into NYC.

They live in Seattle, and had somehow never had cannoli! So the three of us, along with my sailor's mother, went up to Bleecker St in Greenwich Village and went to Rocco's to acquire some sweets. It was a nice little distraction for the morning!

Here are the three of us on 7th Ave in the west village:

Here are a few shots I snapped inside Roccos:


Then it was back to Jersey City and go go go go! Family arrived in town, my mom had last minute wedding checklists, and we all walked two blocks up to our favorite restaurant for a huge family dinner. I'm off to an early bedtime... we are looking at a 70% chance of rain & thunderstorms tomorrow, so I hope that it will somehow clear up a little bit for us.


Debbie Cook said...

Best wishes for your wedding and fingers crossed that the weather stays nice (although rain is supposed to be good luck!).

Uta said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending you lots of sunshine... Have a wonderful day!

fairmount said...

Wendy, I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your wedding preparations. I look forward to photos and account of the Big Day. Best wishes. Mimi

gMarie said...

I have also heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck. The sun in shining in Seattle today so hopefully it's cooperating on the other coast as well. Enjoy! g

Lindsay T said...

So exciting! I hope you can share day-of photos with us soon.