Monday, January 3, 2011

butterick 3478 muslin

This is what I learned making this dress:

1. Bite the bullet and make the paper pattern alterations you think you'll need to make (extra inch at high chest, tiny dart to pull in shoulder line)

altered pattern pieces

2. Don't pose in a white dress muslin right in front of the TV lest your dress turn neon blue!

butterick 3478 muslin

3. Just because a B34 in a vintage 1960s Simplicity was a bit tight in the chest, a B36 in a vintage 1970s Butterick may not be exactly the right size in the bust

butterick 3478 muslin

The back doesn't look too bad, though!

butterick 3478 muslin

This pattern is Butterick 3478- I don't like the poufy sleeves on the pattern, but the curved empire seam looked very interesting.

butterick 3478

Here are some more views....

butterick 3478 muslin

This is the "did I actually press the shutter button? Is it going off?" face ;)

butterick 3478 muslin

This view gives me hope that the excessive ease in the bodice could be taken out by pinching a dart out at the side seam - it doesn't look too bad here.

butterick 3478 muslin

I do like the curved empire seam and the full skirt, but today I got a new pattern in the mail that I've been stalking for a while, waiting for my size to appear. It finally did, and I grabbed it! This is either going to be epic-ly AWESOME or look like a sack of potatoes! It takes 9 yards of fabric. Gulp.



Anonymous said...

I love the curve empire waist. Gorgeous!

Faye Lewis said...

Wonderful muslining there. It is so amazing to me that with my limited fitting experience that I believe I see where there needs to be a pinch taken in here or a seam let out over there. I make a lot of muslins, but I guess I need better pictures so I can tell where to make my adjustments. That muslin/future dress looks really good on you.

Patricia said...

The curved empire line and the neckline are really nice. The back looks gorgeous on you.

Uta said...

Your muslin and the empire seam look very nice; but I love the new pattern and hope you get it made up; it's unusual and gorgeous.

Noile said...

Ohh, I like the Butterick on you -- not only the neckline and the bodice line, but also the way the gown flows.

The Vogue looks hard to wear -- unless, maybe, you're Twiggy, and have very little in the way of shape.

Lisette M said...

The Butterick neckline is beautiful on you and the back is very pretty

SEWN said...

I love your muslin. The neckline is very flattering. I think the vogue could work, but you would need a fabric with a lot of body. It would almost need to stand up on its own. ;)