Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oliver + S school photo dress

Here's what I spent a Sunday afternoon sewing up:

front view

It's the Oliver + S school photo dress in a plaid printed cord. This is size 4, for my niece Anabear. She's in preschool these days so this should make a nice school dress for her. You can see on the front I sort of made an effort to match the plaid which almost worked. I didn't even try on the back, as I didn't have enough material to really wiggle around.

back view

That's OK, it's a little kids dress. The dress went together really nicely, and the directions have you sew it all up with a really clean finish inside. It would be even neater if I'd used the pattern piece for the armhole binding, but zig zag is OK.

the dress insides

The way you sew the pocket into the front pieces is ingenious although I was convinced that it wouldn't quite work, it did. Hooray! And everything fit together perfectly, so no fighting with with any bits to fit together.

So this is actually the front runner pattern for the flower girl dresses, done up in blue silk. I thought a bit about the standard full-skirted poufy flower girl dresses for the girls, and I've sewn similar dresses to that style, like this year's Easter dresses. Really, I just couldn't get into it for a flower girl look, though. The front pocket on this dress was what sold me on these as flower girl dresses... can't you see them standing up at the ceremony with their hands tucked into the pockets? Adorable! ;)


Uta said...

So cute!! This would be gorgeous in silk for the flower girls. I think sometimes a wedding benefits from a bit less frou-frou, if you get my meaning... And I love a cord dress for everyday wear, so soft and comfy!
I've seen that O+S pattern before, and I would have bought it if I weren't so cheap... As it is, I'll have to wait for Ottobre to come up with a similar pattern!

Gail said...

It is very sweet. You've done a great job.

Antoinette said...

It's adorable! Good for you matching up the plaids on the front. I would have saved the fabric for a non-seamy project but you did it and it looks great!

sewabeginner said...

I have to get off my duff and sew one of these patterns pronto! Your dress is gorgeous!