Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

Our table early in the morning, waiting for breakfast:


Don't let the quiet fool you. There will soon be 3 screaming munchkins racing around! At least we don't let them eat candy, so there will be only crazy "it's a holiday and I got new toys" screaming. In their baskets are little stuffed animals, teensy frilly gloves from the Target dollar bin, books, and egg shaped sidewalk chalk. For my sister, I made an apron from a Leanika cut-out-and-sew-apron panel. (This is the same fabric line from Free Spririt as the Lovebirds fabric I used at Valentine's Day) I've never used a "cut out and sew" fabric panel like that before, and it was actually lots of fun!

Here are our semi-DIY easter napkins:

bunny napkins

I bought plain cloth napkins at Target, and then downloaded some easter shapes from the martha stewart website's templates section. I used those as patterns to cut out little bunny & fruit shapes, then zig zagged them onto the napkins. The applique is the fun part, not hemming napkins, so this was an easy way to get some cute easter napkins without going nuts hemming so many napkins!!


Uta said...

Good idea on the napkins! I meant to make some for Easter from scraps... Still sitting there unhemmed. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

THat is an inspired idea! I love the napkins. Happy Easter!

Patricia said...

Cute napkins. Defintely still DIY.

Denise said...

Picture perfect!