Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Spring Top Week" and vintage patterns

Next week is "Spring Top Week" hosted by Rae. Nooo idea what I'm going to make...

And here, finally, are pictures of the vintage patterns I bought. I also got a little booklet about coat making, which has some wonderful advice in it. (You can click through all the photos to see them larger on flickr)

A 1950s little girl dress with an adorable balloon pocket on the skirt. There's also a pattern for a petticoat and a bolero. My mom says she had a few outfits like this and points out that the girls are wearing hats and gloves.


Another little girl dress from the 1950s. This one also includes a pattern for a matching dress for a 14" doll.


A little boy's coat from the 1940s, and a view of the instructions. This one has a pattern and directions for the hat as well.



Another boy's coat with a hat

A boy's suit


A girl's coat from the 1950s

This pattern I've had for a few months, but I don't believe I've shown it here. It has an adorable button on hood. My sister has a request in for this one, with the hood, for Kate for next year.


An envelope....

A note....

Making a coat!

The first page

Some more pages inside:



My mom says that pre-internet and sewing blogs, you would request booklets like this from the government all the time. She actually has a few still, and she pulled them out to show me, but none are on sewing.

I bought all of these off etsy, which is a really great resource for finding cute patterns. Ebay has been slowly driving me nuts for a while, mostly with the fact that you can't just put things into your shopping cart and keep them there for a few days while you figure out which patterns you want.

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