Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knipmode 07-2008-04 - Summery white denim skirt

Certainly getting my money's worth from the July 2008 issue of Knipmode! However, this is kind of a difficult review to write. I ended up with a wearable skirt in the end, BUT. I think that there's something in the dutch instructions that I can't read that is essential to making this skirt.

You can see the "BUT" below. This weekend I'll add a picture of pattern pieces and write up a longer description of the goof up with this skirt. You can see why I shouldn't write an analysis tonight in this photo here- I didn't even process the JoAnns coupon stuck in the mirror frame until I uploaded this photo. Ooops! I spent the last 10 hours or so writing java code, and my brain has kind of turned to mush.

knipmode 07-2008-4

I made this skirt a few days ago, but tonight was the first time I had enough light in the evening to get some decent photos. Here's a side view. Look at the upper back... I'll wear it with a tshirt untucked, and it's usually not that wrinkly when I'm not twisting around, but you can get a hint of what I think is the root cause of my "oops" there.

knipmode 07-2008-4

I need to work some more on my fly fronts

knipmode 07-2008-4

A view of the back waistband pieces

knipmode 07-2008-4

And this... these triangles should really match up. They're off set enough that I can claim that it's intentional, and I'll certainly wear the skirt, but I'm so frustrated it turned out this way. My own fault, I didn't walk the pattern pieces after tracing, and I obviously couldn't read the directions. I've never had trouble puzzling out Knipmode (or Patrones, for that matter) pieces fit together, but there's clearly a first time for everything.

knipmode 07-2008-4

The fit is pretty good, but I do wish it had some front pockets. I left off the side pocket since it was huge and too stiff in denim. I didn't line it, only because I have a white slip that fits perfectly underneath which I'll wear it with. The denim isn't terribly see through, but I line or wear a slip with everything, white or not. It drives me nuts to see women walking around wearing unlined skirts that, seriously, need a slip.

While we're looking at denim skirts, I bought this Loomstate for Target one the other day. It has a teensy bit of spandex in it so it's really comfy. There were only a few pieces out at my Target, so I hope they add more soon!

loomstate for Target


Lindsay T said...

Perfect for summer. I have a white summer skirt like this and I wear it all the time, pale legs and all.

BeeBee said...

I like both skirts, but I understand your frustration. I hate when that happens (see my blog about the BWOF with the cute waist band - pah!) Are you going to try again? I really like the waistbands, cute idea. And I need a tutorial on waistbands, too. I can do the fly (thank you, again, Sandra Betzina) but the rest is pretty happy-hands-at-homey.
And THANK YOU for fixing my blog. You rock!

Antoinette said...

Not many people can wear white skirts, so I support your doing so, aligned triangles or not. It looks great on you!

Claudine said...

That looks great on you! The mismatch on the side absolutely looks intentional. If all the "mistakes" really bug you, you could try the hanger fix. Hang it in your closet for a couple of weeks until you forget about it, then when you take it out, it will look perfect.