Sunday, March 29, 2009


We're having a fantastic lightening storm right now- tons of thunder and lightening, lots of rain. I made a batch of espresso chocolate shortbread cookies this evening, so Declan and I are camped out on the sofa in the loft with the cookies, watching the lightening show. The mountain I live on is mostly granite, and lots of iron ore (there are Revolutionary War era mines all over out here), and the lake is just a half mile away, so we get stupdendous lightening shows all summer. I love just sitting up here and watching it. It's a bit of a local obsession, really, since the iron ore in our mountain really draws the lightening. Declan really doesn't like it- he lived in Seattle for the first seven years of his life, where there is no lightening. I can remember exactly two lightening storms out there in all those years, and one of them made the front page of the Seattle Times.

What else... we had another fun sewing meetup in NYC this afternoon, and I bought a bunch of nice fabric and some trim at MJ. I'll take pictures tomorrow, but all the cottons are washed and ironed and ready to be put on the shelf.

People often say that nothing in the garment district is open on Sundays which actually isn't true. Just on W 39th, Ayazmoon, A&M Fabrics, Daytop Fabrics and Chic Fabrics were all open. On 8th Ave, Ebad's was open, and there were about 4 stores open on W 35th. MJ Trim was open, as was The City Quilter down in Chelsea. Further downtown by Canal, P&S is also open.

Easter dress progress: I refolded the easter fabric. Really thinking about using the bubble dress pattern now, with peter pan collar, white sashes, and little sleeves. I might jump in and just make them tomorrow.

Notre Dame from the left bank Jezebel posted a great article on Zara's runway ripoffs (or inspirations or whatever) this season. I LOVE that store- when I was in Paris last Feb, I made a beeline to the one by the Opera Garnier to buy myself a "parisian zara" trench coat. You know, identical to the ones in the NYC stores, and about 30% more, but french! The picture is me in it, by Notre Dame.

And finally, my nephew Tom has been playing with an old Easter Bunny I made when I was 10, so I took a picture of it the other day. I remember sitting in my grandma's craft room cutting out the fake fur to make this little guy, and marking all the darts on him. Surprising that he's still in such good shape 20 years later!


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