Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm easing back into sewing over here- there's a pile of things I'd like to make for myself, mostly from the January BWOF and the Knipmodes I bought at the beginning of the month- AND from February's BWOF (only seen the line drawings so far, sadly). However, I had two little girls who fell in love with the Freshcut prints I'd gotten from Fabritopia, so I tackled those first.

Kate picked out these two prints by herself. They're very "Kate" since she loves wild colors together. I used the bodice front and back, and the skirt from Simplicity 3588 (the girl's Duro dress and a mandarin collar dress). The sleeve pattern came from some stray size 5 vintage girls sleeve pattern that I found under my cutting table. Yeah, I'm that organized, stray sleeve patterns just lying around waiting to be plucked into action... I should really find its parent pattern envelope! I think the collar might be from a vintage Simplicity 7667. Maybe.

And here she is modeling it with a grumpy face:

And here is Ana's dress, from the standard bodice front & back & sleeve I've been using for her for two years. I'm going to be in trouble if she ever starts to grow:
dress for Ana

I L O V E the colors in the dress. So much. I've saved the scraps, and they'll be worked into a few squares of my never-ending mendicino quilt. The waistband ribbon for this dress is from MJ Trim, and I used ladybug buttons on the back:

dress for Ana

My sewing machine has a decorative stitch that resembled the vines in the bodice print, so I did that in blue around the neckline:
dress for Ana

My sweetpea in her new dress:



I have a nice sewing (and kid wrangling!) vacation coming up this month- Feb 7 through Feb 12. I'm hoping the Feb BWOF will be on newsstands in the city by then, because I'm hoping to make these over that break:

02-2009-118 top -love the yoke front and the bubble sleeves.

02-2009-130 wrap blouse -similar sleeves again, but I love the wrap front here too.

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BeeBee said...

cute dresses and kids. Don't tell Kate, but I like Anna's dress better. It's just me. Don't you love using the decorative stitches? They're just fun. Have to remember not to put them on real clothes, sometimes. (Jammies are ok, though_