Tuesday, January 6, 2009

comment catchup!

buttons I realized I had a few comment questions that I'd never answered, so here's a few quick answers. And a picture of some sunny buttons on my ironing board this weekend, just because. ;-)

Leslie asked where to get the pattern for my Knipmode blouse. You can order the magazine it's from here: Naaipatronen. I tried a direct link, looks like their website doesn't allow those though. So go to that url and enter KnipMode - juli 2008 in the search box. Click order, then you can pay with paypal... her shipping is very quick. Hmm, and I see that they are having a 3 for 2 sale on Knipmode right now. I might need to pick out a few issues for myself!!

Rae asked about the yellow fabric from Fashionista Fabrics that I used for my Simplicity 3867 Sew Stylish top. It was a poly/cotton blend, and had very subtle stripes woven into it in addition to the floral pattern. I don't usually go for poly/cotton blends, but Melody always has great stuff and indeed this was really nice to sew with.

Gwen asked how old Kate is... she's 5 and a half. Her sister just turned 3 and their brother Tom is 1. They're the only nieces/nephews I have, and only ones I'm likely to ever have since Dan is an only child.

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