Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one finished tree skirt

tree skirt
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Now I need to actually buy a tree and decorate it! In the meantime, Declan's been giving it a few test runs to break it in.

This is loosely from a vintage McCall pattern, 7225. It has a half-circle shaped tree skirt pattern, I went with that rather than draft my own circle shape. I used an ancient, icky mauve color poly-ish boucle as batting to quilt it. Sooooo glad to have it out of my stash, and it made a great batting. This is one of the first things I've ever free motion quilted, and it was lots of fun. My Viking does a wonderful job of keeping the stitches about the same size as you quilt, so long as you don't jerk the material around. I just did some totally freehand meandering swirls around it, and ended up with something with a nice body to it.

So there it is- I really didn't need a new tree skirt, but I only put Santa ornaments on my tree so I kind of wanted a skirt with some Santas as well!


Lindsay T said...

Nice! Every year I say I gonna make a tree skirt and then I never do it.

Gwen said...

Thanks so much for the pointer to Flickr photos that are available for blogs! I edited my post to include that resource. :)