Tuesday, October 28, 2008

illustrated meme

Gwen from after the dress tagged me with an illustrated meme. I'm not sure who to pass it on to- will have to think about that one, since there are so many sewing blogs I love (see my list I read on the right side of the page), but I figured I could at least put up answers. You're supposed to write 7 random facts, so here they are:

  1. Airports are my favorite places. I would blame this on living in Seattle for years, but I loved them even as a child.

  2. I can't tell my left from my right at all without looking at my hands to see that my left hand makes an "L". I still confuse "3" and "E" and "p" and "q" because I can't remember which way they face. This picture has nothing to do with that, but it's cute so I'll share it anyway.

  3. Dahlias are my favorite flower. I still haven't come to terms with the fact that the deer at my house think dahlias are the tastiest plants ever.
    red dahlia 3

  4. I love ice skating. My grandfather taught me on our frozen lake in the winter when I was a teensy kid. The Bryant Park rink just opened for the winter, so I'm looking forward to a bunch of pre-work ice skating in the city this winter. Bonus random fact: I use hockey skates. I did use to play, but really it's because I can't deal with figure skates.
    Ice Skating

  5. I spent most of my time on my college major at MIT's Media Lab studying digital imaging and interactive art.

  6. I met my best friend in 1999. He went to CMU, so we like to tease each other a bit about the MIT vs CMU thing. He has a sheltie as well, Bandon.
    Sunset at Myrtle Edwards Park

  7. I flew to Australia on 48 hours notice to see my boyfriend once when his cutter was docking in Hobart, Tasmania. It remains the most last minute, and fun, trip I've ever taken. Here's a joey at a wildlife refuge in Tasmania, having a look at my lens.
  8. When I lived in Seattle, I used to have Dunkin Donuts coffee mailed to me every month. I'm not a starbucks fan at all.
    walle with my chopstick

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Gwen said...

Oh, thank you so much for playing! :)
Now, everytime I hear them mention Bryant Park on Project Runway, I shall also think of you ice skating - in hockey skates! ;)
Thanks again!