Sunday, September 28, 2008

A soft teddy bear

cutting fake fur At Joanns this weekend I found a great- super soft, insanely beautiful- piece of brown fake fur. It was $4 for a 20 inch wide piece, so I brought it home and made a HUGE mess turning it into a teddy bear. I had Simplicity 3779, so the kitty cat pattern got turned into this fine fellow. I tried following the advice to cut only the backing and not the pile, but that didn't so much work. This particular fake fur shed everywhere. Piles and piles and piles of brown fuzz static clinging to everything. I also couldn't mark the backing very well, so this was kind a "make up the darts as you go" project. Thankfully the fur hides all the goofs.


I'd like to adapt a doll jacket to fit him, and then I need to track down some doll sized pilot wings. My sailor got his commercial pilot license recently, and so I'd like this to be a pilot bear for him. I might end up having to make some embroidered wings on the jacket. This is where having an embroidery machine might actually be useful!


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